One-in-a-Billion Chance or 4,000,000,000 to 1 Odds to Win The Masters




Today, one of a billion Chinese teed off at the first of this season’s major tournaments. His current odds are 1,000,000,000 to 1 of leading other golfers at the end of Thursday’s first round.

He, Mr. Li, came close to beating the immense odds. The tall Chinaman came close to finish three strokes off the lead with a 3-under-par round of 68 strokes. What was astounding, is that Li was winning [at the time -4] even after missing a make-able-put on the green of the fabled ‘Amen Corner’ at Augusta (Georgia) National Golf Club.

Tonight, I figure Haotong Li has better than a four-billion to-one chance to play three more good rounds and win the Masters.


I figure the 22 year-old has no idea of playing under pressure in The Masters. If he never finds out about it this weekend, his odds improve.

Unfortunately, he lacks experience and knowledge of the course. For instance, on the 15th green he missed a put after reading it perfectly. Too bad the green rolls toward Rae’s Creek. Li did not know this and missed his perfectly-read put about an inch to the left.

Pressure knocks many professional golfers into not making the cut after the second round.

I fear if he beats the odds, President Trump will decree a tariff on the poor citizen of Red Communist China. At the very least, Li’s Mercedes will be heavily taxed during this international Tariff War!

Are you interested in knowing the ending to this phenomenal story? Check back Friday evening and again on this first Sunday after Easter.


One in a Billion Chance to Lead the 2018 Masters

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